Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It's Thanksgiving in Tonga.
Tongans don't celebrate this holiday. Well that makes sense, Mandy.
But I taught them about it anyway.
I thanked each of my students today for being awesome.
They looked at me funny.
Then I thanked each of my coworkers for being a delight to work with.
They also looked at me funny.
Then I turned up the volume on my computer and we danced to Christmas music.
Then they smiled at me. And danced.
But mo'oni (for real)...
It doesn't matter that it's Thanksgiving. We should be grateful for the things we have every day.
Here's a good reminder of that:

Also? Here's a list of things I'm currently thankful for: God, my family, my friends, dairy-free pumpkin ice cream (that I make using fresh coconut milk), Christmas music, kids who are excited about EVERYTHING, dancing in school today and you! 
I'm thankful for you!

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