Saturday, November 30, 2013

25 Days of Christmas // Day 1

(keep in mind - i live in the future - it's already December here!) 

i love Christmas so in honor of my very favorite holiday this blog is going to be dedicated to all things Christmas (don't worry - I'll keep blogging about what is happening here in Tonga), but now i'm just going to include some yuletide awesomeness.

25 days of yuletide awesomeness to be exact.
and challenges.

oh man, there will be christmas challenges.

like this one.

the other week my students and i had a lot of fun with the chalkboard and my camera.
can you tell me (in the comments section of this post) what the next line of this famous christmas carol is?
i bet these class 6 boys know it since i've been singing this particular jingle with them since september.

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