Monday, November 18, 2013

project 365 // week 6 // #36-42

it was a super eventful week here in the south pacific.
with the arrival of the new peace corps group, the preparation for camp glow/grow AND the lu cook-off, there was much fun to be had! (except for the stomach bug that i contracted on sunday afternoon and didn't recover from until tuesday morning. you really didn't need to see pictures of that so i substituted some others in there instead.)
here's a brief recap:
nov. 13 (#36) spent the afternoon weaving with class 5/6 again. they are so talented when it comes to handicrafts! i'm still learning.
nov. 14 (#37) made some hot chocolate after yoga tonight even though it was about a bajillion degrees out.
nov. 15 (#38) hung out with some peace corps friends in town in between errands for camp glow/grow and meetings.
nov. 16 (#39) the lu cook-off! lu is a very popular thing to eat here in tonga - it usually consists of a meat, onions and coconut milk wrapped up in lu leaves (taro) and then wrapped again in banana leaves or aluminum foil. we made our lu creatively - i chose to incorporate a mushroom soy sauce, chilli peppers, and eggplant. i ended up winning a pretty rad trophy that has been passed down from peace corps volunteers since 2007.
nov. 17 (#40) today i went to catholic church with ane. she then drove me and her super cute family to her house where we ate lu and hung out. i came home and skyped with my parents and then stomach bug #245 hit. instead, here's a picture of joey, harrison and i at a baha'i event a few weeks back. it was taken after a day of cleaning up trash on vava'u.
nov. 18 (#41) slept most of the day away so here's a picture that i did not take on nov. 18th. this picture is actually from saturday - we had a camp glow meeting and parent's meeting (for incoming campers). so much fun to hang out with these girls!
nov. 19 (#42) still feeling groggy but finally on my feet. stomach bugs really kick you in the butt! so here's a picture of little ms. gloria instead. isn't she a sweetie?

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