The Postcard Project

Most of my students have never left Tonga, let alone the little island in which we live. I would love for them to have a unique and exciting opportunity to practice their English language skills and to teach them about all the different and lovely places in the world. I'd really love your help. If you're interested just send us a postcard and we promise to send you one back! (So long as you provide us with your return address) Postcards can be sent to the following address:

Mandy Pederson, PCV
PO Box 136
Kingdom of Tonga
South Pacific

So far we've received postcards from:
America (Tennessee, New York City, Virginia, Ohio, Washington, Wisconsin), Spain (Barcelona), Estonia, Australia, Finland, Austria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, Switzerland and the Phillipines!


  1. Are you still working in Tonga? There's no date on this post.

    1. Yes, Laura! We would love to hear from you :-)

  2. Hello, I will send you one from Kentucky, USA. It will be one of NYC though, I have many from there to get rid of.

  3. Email me, I will provide my return address, I don't think I wrote it clearly enough on the card.

  4. Postcard sent, hope you and the pupils like it and hope my card reach you soon and safely :)