Tuesday, November 12, 2013

craftin' it Tongan style...

 The last few mornings after I get done teaching English class I have popped on over to the Class 5/6 Classroom where Ane teaches.
 The students here are busy with Creative Technology - which just means that they do lots and lots of crafts using different things found outside. Pandanus leaves, mulberry bark, coconuts and different plants are used to make picture frames, kiekie (grass belts), taovala (grass wraps) and other Tongan handicrafts.
 Even the boys get involved. It's important for them to learn about the different aspects of their culture that are still alive and well here.
 And I'm learning too. (This is a kiekie I am working on with the help of Ane and the students. I've done it all by myself so far!).
 It's so much fun to learn with them. To sit and continue practicing Tongan and enjoying each other's company.
I love that I continue to learn new things about this place every day.

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