The Job

So, what exactly am I doing in Tonga? 

My primary project is to be a English teacher at the primary school level. I work in a small village and a tiny school where I strengthen English skills in the classroom. I also work with my co-workers to build our resource collection and to share best teaching practices. Tonga is working to move to a student-centered teaching model and I am part of a group that is pioneering the implementation of this concept. Secondary school in Tonga is taught entirely in English so I'm preparing my students for the Class 6 exam which determines which school they will attend. Strengthening English skills can happen in different ways - I co-teach, build resources and provide professional development when needed.

Secondary Projects: Director of Camp GLOW (Vava'u), Researcher and Teacher Trainer at the Ministry of Education (Teacher Development Unit), Social Media Volunteer (Tonga Voyaging Society), Chairperson of the Vava'u Library Committee, Piano Teacher (Local families), and Yoga teacher.

Other things I am doing:
  • team teaching with Tongan teachers
  • improving ESL instruction and informal classroom assessment
  • designing instructional materials for the classroom
  • expanding extra-curricular activities and educational resources
  • facilitating educational outreach and community development activities
  • working with students and local community groups to organize, design, and implement a variety of school-based educational or professional/life skills development activities
  • orienting community and extracurricular activities towards improving health and eradicating non-communicable diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease)
  • developing and organize age-appropriate library materials and expand library usage
  • providing computer/internet training to staff and/or community member 

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