Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Peace Corps Thanksgiving

So what does a group of 12 Peace Corps Volunteers do when they need to celebrate Thanksgiving and are hundreds thousands of miles away from their homes?

We invite as many of our international friends as possible, kai lahi (eat lots!) and celebrate!

On Friday (which makes sense because, due to the time difference, it was still Thanksgiving in the States) we all got together at Don & Norie's. We were able to find a turkey, too! Stuffing, mashed potatoes and even two pumpkin pies made brief appearances before they were quickly gobbled up. 

I made placecards even though we didn't eat at a table.
The Australian Volunteers and Japanese Volunteers who ate with us got a quick lesson on how to successfully do Thanksgiving correctly.

Here's what we taught them:
1. Give thanks. For everything in your life. Say it out loud! Tell a friend. Write it down. Bake it in a pie?
2. Eat a lot. A LOT!
3. Go back for seconds ... or thirds. This is a must. Plus, your dessert chamber (the special space in your stomach solely reserved for all things sweet!) will remain open even if you have two or three helpings of turkey because that's a completely different part of your stomach.
4. Sleep it off. By the time you finish eating on Thanksgiving you should be in a food coma. You should be so full that you want to lay down and not get up for a very long time. 

We also had a chance to celebrate Harrison's 24th birthday!

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  1. Woo-hoo! And pie is fabulous...I think my grandma had a couple extra chambers in her stomach for all things sweet. She would eat her food, maybe have seconds of one or two things, and then she'd have two pieces of pie. TWO! And more later.