Saturday, November 9, 2013

Camp GLOW/GROW: Leadership Orientation

We are officially less than a month out from Camp GLOW and Camp GROW.
Canyoubelieveit?! I know. Me either.
On Saturday, November 9th, 2013, the staff of both camps got together for leadership orientation.
Living in the South Pacific means we're surrounded by heaps of natural beauty and we definitely took advantage of that during our orientation.
We were able to go on a chartered sailing trip out to Port Maurelle (a beautiful turquoise little cove/beach) and hold our orientation there.*
The trip was wonderful.
We had time to bond. Which is great because our staff is full of people of different ages and backgrounds. Through Camp GLOW and GROW we are hoping to empower the younger generation to help each other with healthy decision making, goal setting and women's empowerment. Many of the youth you see in this photo still attend secondary school and after helping lead the camp next month will continue to lead Club GLOWs/GROWs at their school - empowering students through service and education.
I did put on sunscreen. Multiple times. Even if it doesn't look like it. Silly palangi skin.
Back to Saturday...
We had time to talk logistics (roles, duties, sessions, topics of discussion, etc.)
And time to do lots of fun team building activities (my favorite!). 
 And even though the day began with some very shy Tongan youths, it ended with a closer knit group - one who is prepared to provide a safe, exciting, and fun learning environment for our campers next month!

*We are so grateful that a couple from America (who has a sailing charter here in Tonga) heard about Camp GLOW/GROW through fundraising efforts and wanted to take the staff out for our orientation.

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