Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20 Interesting Facts About Mandy

It's occasionally fun to participate in trends on the internet and I love me some interesting trivia bits and factoids. Couple that with living in the South Pacific and I realized recently that I've picked up some unique habits and interests over the last year.

20 Interesting Facts about me: 
1. Whenever anyone calls me "Amanda" (my given name) I think I'm in big trouble. Seriously. I've never ever been called that name. Not that I can remember anyway.
2. My feet are naturally really wide, but I'm pretty sure that they have grown even wider after living in flip flops everyday.
These are not my feet. These are gorilla feet, but probably just as wide.
3. I love dogs, but am really scared of them. It seems that each time I think I am getting over it some incident renews my fear. Tongan dogs have "attack" imbedded into their DNA.
4. Bananas are my favorite fruit. Papaya, to me, smells like farts. Mangoes are good as long as they aren't too ripe. Passion fruit is a lot like pomegranate, but I much prefer pomegranate. 
5. I have an obsession with [almost] all things Christmas. I usually start listening to Christmas music mid-September. But come December 26th? Turn off the Yuletide tunes, please. And take down the tree.
6. Referring back to #5, the only Christmas thing I'm not on board with is Santa Claus. I'm really really afraid of him. My family finds this really funny. I think this is due to the fact that I was not a very sweet kid and that shopping mall Santas are just creepy.
Exhibit A. Seriously? Why? Just why?
7. I have a very weak stomach. I believe that some people here think that I am puke loi (faking sick), but it's the truth. This means that I suffer motion sickness more than most and I have to be careful with what I eat. My stomach bug count in Tonga to date? Too many to's well over 15. I'm fairly certain that I have some sort of food allergy but I'm not sure what it is.
8. One of my most favorite things in the world is to be cold and living in Tonga has provided me with a renewed appreciation for -40 degree winter weather in Wisconsin. I'd trade in sweaty back for numb toes any day.
9.  I'm realizing that I am most happy when I'm around kids (teaching, playing, hanging out), making art and/or taking pictures.
10. I feel prettiest when I'm in yoga pants and a flannel. With no make-up. And my glasses.
11. I don't tell my parents how much I love them as often as I should and how much I appreciate my up-bringing. I want to get better at this.  Love you, M & D!
12. To gauge my stress level I just have to look at my nails. I'm a horrible nail-biter and have tried to fix this (foul smelling fingernail polish, sitting on my hands, manicures, etc.) but haven't found a cure yet.
13. One of my many dreams is to become a children's book illustrator. Other dreams include: National Geographic photographer, sailor, yoga teacher, Christmas tree farm owner, and coffee shop barrista.
I just think it would be cool to hang around Christmas trees all day and help families pick out something that is going to help make a lot of really sweet memories.
14. I like the Carpenters and Neil Diamond more than someone my age should or would care to admit.
I think we should all choose to sparkle just like Neil. That's some glittery goodness right there.
15. Here is a list of things that people usually like that I do not like: beach vacations, tilt-a-whirls, pedicures, pastel colors, NFL football (except the Green Bay Packers... but really I just prefer to watch college football), beer [most of them], nail polish, socks, and horses. 
16. My favorite thing to eat in Tonga is fresh fruit. It feels the best in my stomach and I tend to not get too sick when I eat it. My co-workers believe that I'm allergic to "all Tongan food" since I get sick so often so I get a lot of cookies sent my way.
17. My best friends live all over the world (Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and England).
18. I don't know how to drink drinks with ice in them. It's just an awkward mess and I end up dribbling all over myself.
19. Diet Dr. Pepper gives me the hiccups. Every. Time.
20. I tend to over-think life (the day-to-day stuff), but when it comes to BIG decisions (moving across the country, joining the Peace Corps, buying a car) I tend to make them really quickly. 

What about you? What's something unique about you?

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  1. You need to invest in straws. That's (mostly) how I drink ice cube drinks...only way I don't make a mess. Also, you can come be a Christmas Tree Farmer around here. There are a bunch in the valleys between here and the Pacific coast. Plus, it isn't balls-to-the-wall sweaty in the summer (usually).