Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kailao // Faihiva

Today was a big day at school.
We traveled to Pangaimotu to celebrate Culture Day with all the other schools in our district.
My little school's task was to learn and demonstrate the kailao (Tongan war dance) which we've been practicing every day since October 2 (the day after the Class 6 finished).
I took way too many pictures so there will definitely be more than one post surrounding this topic.
Here's a recap:
 Each student's family was in charge of sewing a necklace and skirt for their child. Weeks ago each family also provided their student with a hand-carved wooden spear. We painted these red last week.
 The celebration began with a prayer and an opening hymn. Kalo and I stayed in the malumalu (shade) so I wouldn't get sunburnt!
Then it was our turn to take our places and prepare to dance for the Ministry of Education. Before the kids took the field a couple of mothers donated their lipstick so that each student could have a little face paint.
 In order to make sure they were in straight lines all the kids held hands before they walked out onto the field.
 Some students were more excited than others to get to dancing.
Some were a little confused as to where to go, but they eventually figured it out.
 I just soaked up every little detail of the day.
And felt really happy to be there and to watch my students' faces as they enjoyed their time in the spotlight.

Dancing is so much fun, but being able to do it together is really something special.

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