Tuesday, November 12, 2013

project 365 // week 5 // #29-35

  Project 365 is back and this week was full of fun and wonder.
Check it out...
 Nov. 6 (#29): Tonga beat the Cook Islands in the World Rugby Cup. We cheered them on at school!
 Nov. 7 (#30): Celebrating a donation made to the school with a kailao and ta'olunga (two different types of dances).
 Nov. 8 (#31): Bananas all over the place! This bunch is next to my rain water tank.
Nov. 9 (#32): A Day-sail with the best Camp GLOW/GROW leadership staff!
 Nov. 10 (#33): A quiet Sunday with some reading and writing.
Nov. 11 (#34): A great start to the week. Grateful for another donation made to the school by some friends back home! <3
Nov. 12 (#35): 6 new Peace Corps volunteers arrived on the ferry today! What an exciting time!

Hope your week rocked.

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