Saturday, November 3, 2012

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


Study the picture above. Note the boy (or is he a man?). Shirtless, "stomach like a melon" (this is what Una would say)... the list goes on.

Tonight Sala and I were reading together. She is in Class 3 and needed to practice reading Tongan so I thought I would sit in and learn what I could.. I am going to practice for you right now by translating this story line by line. Here we go:

Kovi 'a e Kai Lahi (Why It's Bad to Eat A Lot)

Ko hono kovi 'o e kai lahi (It is bad to eat a lot)

'Oku fakatupu mahaki, (When you grow to get sick)

'Ave ai koe ki fale mahaki (It will take you to the hospital)

Pea te ke toki fakatomala ai (and you will regret it.)

Te ne fakatupu 'a e fu'u sino (It will make you get fat)

'O ke hange ha fo'i 'oo, (And it will make you very round like a circle)

Faingata'a ke ke toto (It's difficult to do exercise),

Vave ai ho'o hoho (You will breath too fast).

Te ne fakatupu ho'o (You will grow)

fakapikopiko (lazy)

Vave ange ai ho'o holo (In order to lose your body/weight),

Tokanga ke ke fakamalohisino (You should exercise)

Na'a ke kanisa toto (but instead you got blood cancer).

Nothing like a little light reading as a 3rd grader...Fear can be good motivation, I guess. Thoughts?

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