Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Day I Took a 22 Hour Boat Ride

If you know me in real life, you know that I suffer from motion sickness.

When I was little I was called the "pukey girl" because every morning I would throw up my breakfast on the school bus.

That's a nice mental image, right?

Too much information? Nah. It's important to know because yesterday I almost re-gained that title. I said almost, people.

Now that I'm older, I know how to prevent utter embarrassment when it comes to motion sickness. I take medication, eat candied ginger and even have a pair of acupressure point bracelets to help with my sickness. In order to move to my new home, Peace Corps made me ride a boat. A big ferry boat that would take 22 hours and 3 stops to get to its final destination. We didn't sit in chairs, but on mats, outside so that we could watch the stars and feel the South Pacific Ocean breeze. I was convinced that this would better my odds on not lua-ing (vomiting). Here's the story in pictures. I slept for 19 of the 22 hours thanks to Dramamine. I think my shipmates were thankful too. No pukin' for this girl. Aren't you proud, Mom? Remember car rides when I was little? Gross.


(the pictures - 1// the ticket 2// the boat 3// the boys are excited 4// where we stayed 5// acupressure motion sickness band 6// candied ginger 7// sean making sure the radio works 8// eating on the boat 9// sunset 10// me and the sunset 11// sean taking a picture with me mid-boat ride 12// coming into vava'u 13// arriving in vava'u)

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