Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Api Fo'o

'Api Fo'o translates to "New House". I'm officially moved onto the island of Vava'u Lahi. Wanna see where I'm staying for the next two years? I'm pretty pumped about it.


Here's my bedroom. That's it. If you turn left you run into a wall. The table behind the door is for my clothes.


Here's the outside. When this picture was taken I was standing in the middle of the school's play yard. That propane tank is the one that I cook with.


Here's my laundry and a bread fruit tree. Bread fruit is really yummy. Bread fruit chips are the saitaha (the best).


Here's looking through the front door. That's my couch (the mat on the floor) and my table. Oh yes, and more laundry.

Do you like it? I sure am lucky. There is running water, electricity and a cat.   

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