Friday, November 16, 2012

Not Goodbye, Just See You Later

**If you are a vegetarian or get squeamish about eating weird foods, you should just skip this post. You've been warned.**

Originally written October 29, 2012: When I returned from PST training today, Una Lahi caught me at the front door and asked if I would like to invite Mark, Alissa and Tulu (my language teacher) over for dinner. The plan, she said, was to have a papaku (bbq) in honor of our last few days in Fatumu.


Here I am grinding the coconut meat out of the coconut shell. Check out Franny sleeping in the background. Haha.


This is Sela who is collecting the outer parts of the coconut to later strain the coconut meat to make coconut creme!


The sun through my clean laundry.


Pig roastin'.

IMG_9091.jpg IMG_9095.jpg

More pig roastin' with Mark & Alissa.


Here I am roastin' the pig.


This is Siulaki, my host grandfather (kuitangata in Tongan).


I like pictures of roastin' pigs, apparently.


Una Lahi and Tiani.


Una Lahi's sister.


That's the head of the pig. And those are my fingers digging inside of the skull.


Here I am eatin' some pig brain. And it wasn't bad! It's Una Si'i's favorite part. It's a little spongy, tastes pretty smokey and if you aren't into weird textures I'd say give it a go.

The night was awesome. Full of food and great conversation, it was a great way to say "See You Later". I will miss these guys so much when I finish homestay.

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