Monday, November 19, 2012

The Wall of Inspiration, Chiara & the Project

So one of my closest friends in the Peace Corps is a girl named Chiara (pronounced: Key-are-ah). Here she is.

She's pretty fabulous. She was born in Italy, grew up in Indonesia, went to college in Maryland and now we've crossed paths here in Tonga. We're both teachers. Both camp counselors. Random side note? She worked for 4 years at a summer camp that is the sister camp to the one where I spent the last 6 summers. Man, I love camp so much. Small world, right?

Welp. Chiara and I had the unfortunate luck of not being placed near each other during our Peace Corps service. She lives on an island that is two plane rides (or ferry rides) away. This hasn't stopped our friendship though.

Nope. Nope.

Every day we send each other inspirational quotes. Because sometimes 2 years feels like a very long time. Plus, why not? We take turns sending our favorite words back and forth. I'm bringing her up now, because the words she sent me today were awesome and I wanted to share them with you. We are all on our own adventure to figure out what we want and what our goals are in life. And the quote she chose speaks to that quite nicely. In fact, it was exactly what I needed to read today. I copied the following words down immediately and they are now hanging on my wall of inspiration. Here they are:

Remember the journey changes you. The journey finds ways to turn you into what you need to be. It's the struggle that makes us strong & readies us for flight. It's how you grow through and out of it, the meaning you make of it - that you can not only share with yourself, your creative work and life, but use to inspire others as well.

- Anonymous

And because it's fun, here's my wall of inspiration (which is really just a place I hang things that make me really happy).


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