Friday, June 20, 2014

Life According to... [Vol. 5]

I learn so much from my students and from the people here in Tonga.
The Life According to... section of this little corner or the internet is my attempt at putting into words how much these individuals mean to me. How much they have forever marked my heart with their kindness, love and zest for life.
Today I'd like you to meet Kalo.
I've mentioned Kalo a lot on this blog. (Here, here, here and here!)
She's 3 and lives behind the school with her mother and brothers ('Emosi and Vaila'a).
Kalo is the youngest in the family. And the only girl.
It took months and months and months for Kalo to trust me, but now we're best buds and I'm so glad.
Here's what I've learned from this sweet little girl over my last 2 years in Tonga.
She shows people how much she cares for them. Whether it's hugging or kissing everyone around she is full of love and is not afraid to show it.
She loves the sweet things in life and isn't afraid to indulge. She also loves to share!
She's hilarious. Seriously, so so funny. And the way she says my name makes me laugh. Every. single. time.
She's taught me patience and is working on building her own. She was especially patient today when we waited for the king's arrival.

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