Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A little eva pe [volume 1]

Eva pe means "just wandering around" in Tongan and, aside from sitting under the mango tree, is one of those things that I just love to do. I've been eva-ing much more frequently now that the weather is breezy and amazing.

I always begin by leaving the school gate alone and end up with at least 10 children happily walking with me. It's a great way to practice Tongan and it's so much fun to get outside and say "hello" to as many people as I can in the little village. It's also good to get in a little fakamalohisino (exercise) whenever I can.
Here's what went on during my eva today.
I started out my adventure by walking past Kalo's house. She ran down the street and threw herself into my arms and then got really shy. Here she is sporting an amazing Bart Simpson t-shirt and asking her mom if it is okay to walk with me.
 Very soon Kalo and I were joined by 'Emosi (Kalo's brother) and Ana.
 Kalo chatted with me all the way to the other side of the village where we met up with Mosese.
 Mosese had climbed an orange tree and was shaking it so that all the ripe little oranges would fall. Kalo sure thought he was funny. She ran around underneath the orange tree's branches giggling and picking up any orange that fell.
 Then Wayne met up with us. Wayne's one of those cool kids who doesn't even know he's cool (see the popped collar?).
Later Mosese jumped down to show us the stash of moli (oranges) he had collected. He shared one with each of us and they were very mahi (sour).
 And then we continued on down the road past Epenisa's house.
 And then a little puppy got attached to Kalo and started following us too.
 And right before we finished our eva we had to be careful to cross the street because Latu and his brother were demonstrating a common form of transportation in my village. And having so much fun while doing so - there was a lot of giggling!

I loved today.
I love to eva.

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