Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Celebration for the King: Baby Competition

I'm here to provide you with your daily dose of cute.
Maybe you didn't even know that you were lacking Vitamin C (cute), but I'm here to make sure you get your daily dose. It's like nutrients for the heart.

Today I determined that heaven must be full of polynesian babies because you can't help but feel the love and leave with a huge cheesy grin on your face after spending time with these littles.
Just look.
This little peanut's mom dressed her up in tradition Tongan clothing.
These twins took turns sleeping throughout the judging.
Weighing the babies. This little one wasn't a fan. 
I yelled "Mali mali!" (Smile) and this is what I got. Every time. 
Look at his cute little tupenu (man's skirt).
All the babies and judges.
I had this little guy belly laughing and he made my heart melt.
Part of the birthday celebration for the king included a baby competition. It was held at a hotel in Neiafu and the babies were judged based on four categories. I bet you're curious as to what they were? The amount of root crop consumed? Nah. The number of baby pigs they can successfully pick up? Think again.
They were as follows:
1. Weight: Are they in their weight range for how old they are?
2. Immunizations: Do they have all needed immunizations? Are they up to date?
3. Cuteness: Self explanatory.
4. Health: Were they solely breast fed their first year of life?
I really loved what they chose to judge on and I bet my mom is super excited about #4 (She teaches people about fakahuhu - breastfeeding).
It was a great morning hanging out with moms, aunties, grannies and some of the cutest babies this Wisconsin girl has ever seen.

I'll leave you with this.
I want to take him home!


  1. This little guy with the crinkly nose is my fav!

  2. These are wonderful photos and an innovative set of judging criteria! Love all the categories, but esp. the 4th!