Saturday, December 7, 2013

[virtual] coffee date

so let's pretend we're having coffee, tea, sweet tea or hot chocolate together. 
there's so much to share about what's gone on the last week. maybe you'd tell me about the crazy lady you met at the mall while you were trying to buy some new headphones for your brother? or maybe you'd tell me about how you're nervous about uncle vern's christmas fruitcake and what it'll end up doing to your digestive tract? or maybe you'd confide in me that you actually prefer the jim carrey version of the grinch to the original? (gasp) that's cool. i'm hear to listen.
5:30am Mandy.
and then i'd talk. i wouldn't say much, but if we were having coffee (i'll take an vanilla latte made with almond milk, please) i'd tell you:

- camp glow is tomorrow and i can't believe i've spent the last 11 months planning for this.
- that even during year 2 i still get homesick. even this time of year. especially this time of year.
- that every time i walk by my neighbor's house (the one where kalo lives), this little sweetie gets the goofiest/biggest grin on her face and runs full speed at me. 
last night i hid behind a bush and she came running and jumped into my arms covered in dirt. i was wearing a white shirt and didn't care at all. her parents and i were joking around about her coming to live with me because of how happy she gets when she sees me. she almost never says a word, but i'm hoping i can get kalo to say my name by the time i leave here. 
- that it's a lot quieter on the school compound now. i can't believe it's summer break!
- that i spent yesterday at the beach with some friends and it was so wonderful to just sit with a book and relax before the craziness of this next week starts.
- that i have had no running water for three days and a rat definitely died some place in my house and i can't find him [again] and i'm not that upset about it. it'll work itself out.
- an american soft serve ice cream store opened in town. i'm too excited about this.
- my best friend turned 30 yesterday and i miss her heaps and heaps.
- i leave for new zealand in a little over 2 weeks!

happy sunday to you and yours.

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