Monday, June 9, 2014

Life According to... [Volume 4]

It's been a little (ok, a long) while since I've done a "Life According to..." post so I thought we'd explore the world through the eyes of Lionasi (pronounced: Lee-oh-nah-see). 

There are five kids in Lionasi's family - she is the oldest. No matter where I see her she yells my name even though I'd consider her to be quite shy. She always arrives to school with the most impeccable braids and she at recess she is most likely found playing moa (jacks) with the other girls in Class 4 and 5.

Here's a little bit of what I've learned from her over the last two years...
Sometimes if you don't know... it's okay to just smile. Whenever Lionasi doesn't understand something in English class, instead of copying off of her neighbors' papers like the majority of her peers (they have such a fear of being wrong!) she just sits and smiles at me and I know she needs help. I appreciate that she would rather wait for help then fakasiosio (peek).
Keep exploring. Lionasi is always exploring and wanting to learn more. She doesn't say much but you can tell that she continues to take in and question the world around her.
Play is important. The girl loves to jump and finds an excuse to play, jump or dance whenever she can.

Thanks for teaching me, Lionasi!
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