Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project 365 // Week 8 // #50-56

Wow. First off, I can't believe I've already done 50 days of this project. Time is flying.

This week was great for so many reasons.

I probably had 5-10 photos I could have posted for each day. Cool things are happening in my village. It seems that with school winding down, village life speeds up. 

This week I got asked to represent my village in a taolunga (Tongan dance for women) island-wide competition. I don't know if I'm going to do it or not, but I'll keep you posted.
Also, many of my students invited me over to play pele (cards) and it's so much fun to play with them. Every time they throw a card down they do it in the most dramatic fashion and then giggle. It doesn't even matter if you win or not!
Here's a recap of this week:
Day 50 (Nov. 27): VEPA (Vava'u Environmental Protection Association) came to our school to teach us a jingle that they made up. They videotaped us and it looks like we may be on the local (country-wide) news soon. The kids loved it and I caught them singing it all week.
Day 51 (Nov. 28): Happy Thanksgiving! We saved our Thanksgiving celebration until Friday so we could celebrate with all the Americans (remember how I live in the future?). I did do a fun activity with my students that involved some of my favorite Christmas lyrics and the chalkboard. So much laughing!
Day 52 (Nov. 29): It was Harrison's birthday today and our Thanksgiving celebration. We went over to Don and Norie's and taught some friends about our traditions!
Day 53 (Nov. 30): We headed to the Secret Beach and explored.
Day 54 (Dec. 1): Quiet Sunday at my house. Did some drawing for a t-shirt I'm designing for our Peace Corps group. 
Day 55 (Dec. 2): King Tupou I Day so instead of having school I hung out with my roommates for a bit (see above) and then went to singing practice in my village.
Day 56 (Dec. 3): First day back from a long weekend and what did we do at school? We cleaned! And cleaned and cleaned and cleaned!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

P.S. Next week's Project 365 is going to be a little late. With Camp GLOW (it's almost here!) going on I won't be able to post until later in the week. But I've prepared some juicy 25 Days of Christmas goodness to enjoy in my neti (internet) absence.

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