Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 Days of Christmas // Day 4

In honor of Day 4 of the 25 Days of Christmas I want to write about 4 reasons I love being in Tonga at Christmas time.
This does not happen in Tonga at Christmas. I just thought it was goofy.
1. The people. Aside from the fact that I love my village there are so many people that journey home to Vava'u for the Christmas season. It's been really fun to watch families get reunited (even if I can't be reunited with mine this time of year). I get to meet more people, too!
2. My fingers and toes are happy. While I lived in Colorado and Wisconsin there were many times when I would "forget" my gloves or warm socks (I thought I was tough) and would end up with very numb appendages. I don't have to worry about that here. Wahoo for back sweat!
3. Local music. Sometimes after school I can hear the students running down the road behind my house singing the Christmas carols they learned from me while in school. There is something really special about that... even if they are singing "Sleep in Heavenly Cheese" instead of "Sleep in Heavenly Peace".
4.  The unique decorations. You won't find Christmas lights on the outside of homes here (we just got streetlights installed last week), but you will find tinsel and garland in stores, used as clothing, etc. The plastic window decorations that were popular in the 1980s are still alive and well here. 

Why do you like being where you are around Christmas?


  1. This is our first Christmas in our house. We have our tree up, we bought a wreath (which is currently hanging outside), and I think Husband wants to put lights up outside (which we haven't done yet). It should be interesting to do Christmas in a house again.

    1. Oooo Renee! Have fun! :-) I bet your house looks great! 'Ofa 'atu! (Love to you!)