Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Guess what guys? This week it snowed in Tonga!! (Just kidding. I may have too much free time on my hands.)
- Doing: I just baked christmas cookies for my neighbors. Things I learned in the process: you really need to use granulated sugar otherwise the cookies turn out kind of chunky. Chunky sugar cookies? Meh. Also, if you give cookies to your neighbors be prepared for them to ask you for the recipe and be prepared to write it down for them in Tongan (unless you live elsewhere, but it might be cool to write it in Tongan for them anyway ... you could use words like maho'a'a for flour and fo'i moa for egg).

- Reading: Mountain Man by Vardis Fisher - it's the book that the movie Jeremiah Johnson inspired.

- Listening to: I am listening to Christmas music all day every day. The Pentatonix are amazing. As is Lindsey Stirling. If you know neither name... google it. For reals.

- Preparing for: Christmas! This week I get to go to my first ever grown-up cookie exchange, have a PCV Christmas night, and go to a candle light Christmas carol catholic mass. Next Tuesday (Christmas Eve) I fly down to Tongatapu to spend Christmas with my friend Michael (and some other PC friends) and then on the 26th I'm off to New Zealand! Woo Woo.

- Liking: My cold shower. Now with the heat back in (almost) full force taking showers three times (or more) per day is just something I gotta do!


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