Saturday, December 14, 2013

25 Days of Christmas // Day 15

Hahaha. Happy Holidays!
Taking these pictures also reminded me of when I was in Florida. While living in the Sunshine State, I realized just how interesting it was for those people who didn't grow up around snow. Have you noticed how many Christmas songs talk about the fluffy white stuff? So much of the world never sees it and I wonder what they picture in their heads when they sing these songs? After we photographed this set of lyrics I showed my students a video I made a few years ago where I am playing in the snow with my sister. Watching their faces was priceless - a mixture of awe, confusion and joy. It was really neat.
Hope you do something wonderfully Christmas-y today! (No matter the weather!)

What's the song? Betchya can't guess the next line...

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  1. It doesn't show signs of stopping
    And Dad bought some corn for popping...