Thursday, December 12, 2013

Camp GLOW/GROW [more pictures!]

There is just so much to share about this awesome week. I thought I'd post some more pictures of all the learning and fun that went on in Neiafu this week.
Playing games and making new friends.
Doing dishes and having a dance party.
Sometimes being a camp director is hard work. (Joey is sleeping.)
Writing out our goals and the obstacles we face when we set and try to reach them.
Getting excited to shadow local women who work in tourism, finance, college, environmental awareness and medical facilities.
Some food and discussion.
Making puletahas (the dresses) and kiekies (grass belts) look good
Hanging at the beach.
This is probably not going to be the last post about Camp GROW/GLOW 2013. I have over 1,000 pictures to sift through.

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