Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Virtual] Coffee Date

Even in the South Pacific when it's a bajillion degrees out I continue to drink my coffee.
I drink it in the morning and usually just sit with myself... and sometimes the cockroaches that scurry across the floor.
Usually I enjoy the "quiet" - listening to the birds, the crickets, the roosters. But sometimes I can't help but miss coffee dates with friends at a local coffee house. I picture us hanging out in oversized plush chairs holding onto super-sized mugs just enjoying each other's company.
And while I was thinking about this I came upon this blog.
Love the idea of Virtual Coffee Dates. 
And since I consider anyone who reads this blog a friend (even if we haven't met yet!), I thought "What the hey...? Why not share with you something that I would share if we were on a mo'oni (real) coffee date."

Here it goes...
If we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you how excited I am about the projects that currently take up my life in Peace Corps. Being busy is so much fun when you feel like you are helping others and doing things that you are passionate about. I'm especially excited about my work with the Tonga Voyaging Society.
If we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you about the poisonous centipede I almost stepped on last night when I opened my front door. It was the biggest one I have seen to date and I jumped across it and ran to get the machete. Probably moved faster than I ever have in my life. Those pincers are big. Molokau (poisonous centipedes) don't mess around.
If we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you about the yoga teacher training contest that I entered. The contest closes October 31st and the votes are all very close. I hope I am chosen for the scholarship but honestly? It seems like every single person who entered has a really great story, a great heart and is really deserving of it. I'll know on November 5th whether or not I "won". If you haven't yet voted consider clicking the heart next to the title (wait until it turns red). Thanks.
If we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you how absolutely excited I am to meet the new Peace Corps group. They have been training on a different island for the last two months and will be moving to site in the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited to make new friends and to help them adjust to life in the South Pacific.
If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you how grateful I have been feeling recently about all the interesting people I get to work with and friends I've made. I'm especially appreciating that they are all different ages and come from such different backgrounds. There is so much to learn from these people that are in my life and I'm so lucky to have them in my life.

What about you? What would you share?
Have a wonderful Halloween.

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