Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Camp GLOW/GROW: An update

We are less than two months away from Camp GLOW/GROW.
The budget is done, funding is nearly completed, camper recruitment & enrollment are underway, but there is still so much to be done! (I've been involved in camps in various roles since I was small and I had no idea until this year what it actually takes to pull a camp together! WOW! A lot of work but so rewarding and exciting!).

Here's what the leadership team has been up to recently:
Secondary School Visits (Camper recruitment!)
Over the last three weeks we have met with every high school principal in the area to discuss the camp, to field questions and to receive feedback on what we have planned for each group of students.  Not only that but we have now been to 4 schools and met with prospective campers and started the application process. There are a lot of exciting young people out there who would like to participate in the camp. We will select 3-4 girls and 2-3 boys per school based on their applications and principal/teacher recommendations.
Finalizing the schedule (What's going to happen at camp?)
Even though the camp is only a week long there is so much we want/need to include in the schedule! Special sessions devoted to building leadership skills, goal setting, future planning and the empowerment of women are all going to be included! This means finding dynamic, engaging host country nationals (Tongans) to help design and speak to these topics and how they have influenced their lives and career paths. In between the heavier topics we want to include more camp-y things - team building, free time, adventure games, and other activities that build community and trust. I cannot wait!

A huge THANK YOU to anyone who has contributed to this camp. We could not do it without you!

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