Monday, October 14, 2013

project 365 // week 1 // #1-7

This blog is full of the "big things" that happen in my life here in Tonga, but I'm realizing the further I get into this adventure how much I want to remember the little things - the day-to-day stuff that I very much take for granted. This sparked an idea: why not do a Project 365 (a picture a day for a year)? What better way to remember my final year here than to document by taking a picture a day.
So here is Week 1 (#1-7).
 Day 1 (October 9): Before school started I sat outside my classroom on the cement and read with some students that arrived early. Petu (the little boy on the right) had just read a word correctly and we were celebrating! Losalia (the little girl on the left) is about to read the next page.
 Day 2 (October 10): 'Epenisa practicing for the Solopani (abacus) competition that was scheduled for Friday.
 Day 3 (October 11): Waiting patiently for the Solopani competition to begin. The little boy in the center is Lepani (he is such a positive little guy!).
Day 4 (October 12): Saturday is laundry day and what a beautiful day it was! Perfect breeze, sunny... my things dried quickly on the line.
Day 5 (October 13): Enjoying a pb-banana smoothie before bed. (I'm lame and forgot to take a more interesting photo - I'm sure this will not be the only time that this happens).
Day 6 (October 14): Hanging out with my co-teachers during morning break time. This is 'Atu (my principal). We spent time discussing what happened during the weekend and the "cool" weather we've been having.
Day 7 (October 15): A newspaper reporter stopped by to take pictures of the students who did well at the Solopani competition. Our little school placed 2nd overall in all of Vava'u. Apparently we are known for being very poto (smart) when it comes to all things involving an abacus!

Questions for you: Have you ever done/completed a Project 365? What helped you keep going? Did you have a hard time remembering to take pictures?

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  1. I suck. I don't even have a clue how to use an abacus......