Monday, October 28, 2013

project 365 // week 3 // #15-21

Here we are again. Another week full of wonderful moments south of the equator.
Finding magic in the mundane and being grateful for the little things.
Hope your week was lovely, too. And if it wasn't? Well maybe you learned something along the way?
 October 23 (#15): Jumping rope during morning interval (recess). They love watching me jump. There is something so funny about watching their teacher do fakamalohisino (exercise).
 October 24 (#16): Kilisimasi showed up to school today with a homemade kite. He shared it with Mate (pictured) and we spent time before school running around the yard making it fly. Creative boys.
 October 25 (#17): This little peanut and I hung out before school together. She shared her breakfast with me. Oh how I love pineapple.
October 26 (#18): Sean came over and I tried making pretzel bread bowls with pumpkin soup. I used a pumpkin I bought at the market to make it. So delicious! And what great conversation.
 October 27 (#19): A quiet Sunday. The view from my little house.
 October 28 (#20): Bubbles! Trying to blow the perfect bubble. Just hanging out in my doorway with a bunch of littles.
 October 29 (#21): Practicing the kailau (war dance) before school. Do you see the wooden war club/spear?

Hope your week was wonderful.

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