Thursday, October 3, 2013


listening to... the weepies, james vincent mcmorrow, great big sea and frank sinatra (christmas tunes! -- hey now. this is perfectly acceptable in the southern hemisphere. they've already started playing christmas tunes on the radio so any yuletide music is fair game...yes, i'm fully aware it's not halloween yet...and nothing you say is going to stop me from embracing it THIS early)
eating... banana, peanut butter, & chia seed smoothies. mmmm....
drinking... decaf coffee from my french press. i love coffee so so so much... even at 6:07pm.
thinking about...
- how awesome last weekend was. i adventured to an outer island with some of my peace corps friends. we kayaked to four different islands and did some awesome hiking and even found a fresh water cave. 
- now that the class 6 test is over not much goes on in school. how will i fill the time now that i've compacted the entire curriculum into the first 75% of the school year? plays, music, "technology" class, and more!
- camp glow is approaching. we went to our first high school on a recruitment trip on thursday. the girls (and boys!) are so excited and we had over 40 girls apply!
- how i need to get back into my yoga routine. my stomach has been doing funny things recently, but seems to have calmed down. thank you, probiotics.
- i got a "funny" text from peace corps today. it read: "due to the US government shutdown, only emergency meds will be dispensed, and annual teeth cleaning will be only hold until further notice. malo." common government! my molars need you!
- what tunes should be added to the 4th annual christmas album that i put together for friends and family.

what about you? what are you currently up to?

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