Monday, October 21, 2013

project 365 // week 2 // #8-14

 Day 8 (October 16): Now that we have entered Term 4 (the last term of the school year) a lot of class time has been devoted to Creative Technology which includes students learning about Tongan handicrafts. Here, Vai'la'a is working on traditional Tongan tapa.
Day 9 (October 17): Two sweet little Class 2 girls brought me these pua flowers to put in my hair and a Class 6 girl braided it because it looked pretty palaku (gross).
Day 10 (October 18): Camp GLOW/GROW meeting with the boys (Note: That is not my hairy arm - It belongs to Sean). Trying to get everything organized and situated for the camp.
Day 11 (October 19): It was Sushi Saturday! (Did you participate?) My friend Miwa (a Japanese volunteer) taught me and some others how to make our own sushi rolls!
Day 12 (October 20): Sour Sop (Indian Apple). So good - the perfect combination of sweet and sour!
Day 13 (October 21): A lovely dinner at Aquarium with island Peace Corps friends.
Day 14 (October 22): Playing "Telephone" with tin cans before school.

Hope your week was lovely too!

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  1. We went to get Little Man a pumpkin on Saturday...otherwise, we're getting over the plague around here. And, of course, allergy season has set in. ::sigh:: Stupid allergies.