Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tonga Voyaging Society // An Update

I sat down with 'Aunofo today. She's the captain of the Hine Moana, the Polynesian Sailing Vessel whose current home is the Port of Refuge in Tonga.
She's from Vava'u and she and I are working together to get the word out about the Tonga Voyaging Society and the Hine Moana. We talked grants, missions and social media presence. The learning curve is a steep one, but I'm learning so much about celestial navigation, environmental education, and promoting cultural awareness. 

Part of the reason I am so excited to be working with the Tonga Voyaging Society is its mission.
Here it is:

Kalauni 'O Tonga//The Tonga Voyaging Society's Mission:
  • environmental awareness (reef restoration, shark finning, sea turtles, etc.)
  • implement solar energy programs
  • teach celestial navigation
  • investigate and promote alternatives to traditional sail manufacturing
  • create a program for the youth of Tonga using the Hine Moana
  • create a sailing school that focuses on sailing navigation (without the use of GPS!)
  • promote the heritage, history and pride of the people of the Kingdom of Tonga  
If you're interested in learning more about the Kalauni 'o Tonga check out the facebook page here. (And "Like it!" for fun updates from the South Pacific)


  1. This is so cool Mandy! I'm jealous! Maybe when I get to sailing around the world, I can visit Tonga and this sailing school!

  2. Thanks Ben! You'd love it. And a stop in Tonga is a must on your around the world adventures. Can't wait to hear about them! :-)