Sunday, September 29, 2013

Swimming the Whales

Thursday was something else.
I got up bright and early (during our week-long school break) and hopped on a boat with fellow PCVs Harrison, Michael, Jeff, and Joey. 
We were debriefed about how to find whales in the wild and what we might expect to find out in the open waters of the South Pacific. We spent the next few hours zipping around islands, taking in the scenery and enjoying each others' company - just me and the boys.
Then we came up on mother humpback whale and her whale baby.
I knew that whales were big, but until I actually saw one I had no idea exactly how big we were talking. It took my breath away. We jumped in the water with the mom and baby and were able to float right above them. At one point the mom looked like she was cuddling with the little one - one flipper resting gently on the back of the baby. Unbelievable. 
The whale baby was really funny and at one point started jumping out the ocean. He/she was just so playful. Smacking one of his side fins on the water almost as if to say hello. So rad. 
I feel like no words I write can do justice to what I experienced. It was a feeling I had yet to really feel and one that I have no words for. If you ever have the chance to do this - please, please, please do. 
Oh yes. And we ended the day with some snorkeling.

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