Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PCV Profile: Steph

It's been awhile since I've shared with you about the cool people I get to work with.

This is Steph. 
From the moment Steph and I met we had a special bond: a common love of all things related to the great state of Wisconsin (Go Bucky! Go cheese curds! Go Midwest!). Her midwestern accent isn't as thick as mine, but she still has the love of the Great Lakes in her heart.
Steph and I live on different islands here in the Kingdom, but that doesn't stop our friendship! She's super driven, funny, a vegetarian and a fitness guru. I look up to her (and not just because she's taller than me!) and admire her for so many reasons. She's rad and she's rockin' it in Peace Corps! 

So let's learn some interesting bits about Steph, shall we?
Tell me about a movie you just love. You can never go wrong with the movie Up! I love it because the story has always made me cry and it exemplifies the notion of living fully.
What's your favorite snack in Tonga? Tymos - they are chocolate covered cookies that come in a variety of flavors: coconut, peanut butter, orange, mint. 'Ifo 'aupito! (Very delicious) My favorite flavor is the chocolate filled Tymos. I could eat the whole package pretty much.
Share a PC moment that rocked your world, please. When I came to my school during attachment and my whole school had prepared a welcoming ceremony for me and a traditional dance. They gave me a kahoa (necklace) that is given to nobility. It was truly emotionally moving and I will always remember it.
If you were a character from a book, who would you be? I would be Skeeter from the Help.
What is your preferred form of transportation? Hahaha... heka pasikala for sure! (riding my bike)

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