Wednesday, September 18, 2013

random bits.

sorry for the blog silence... again. 

here's what's been going on/things i've been thinking about recently:
:: i'm going to stop talking about all my stomach issues on the blog - it seems like every time i do i end up: getting another stomach bug/bout of food poisoning/weird virus/in a fight with a ridiculous microbe. the last three days were [again] spent under the weather. yuck.
::  the humidity has been back for the last few days. not a fan. i know when the humidity rises because my glasses fall down my nose and i feel like steve urkel constantly trying to push them back up into position with my pointer finger.
:: i just completed day 12 of my yoga challenge (30 days of yoga every day) and am feeling good. i still did yoga when i was sick - which was hard and probably not the smartest decision, but i did it!
:: our school garden is growing and it's awesome! yay for tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and green peppers!
:: the new peace corps tonga group has arrived and is enjoying training.
:: the standardized test that the class 6 students will take is less than 2 weeks away!
:: i have a tutuku 'ako (school break) next week and i've filled it with work, projects and fun! [swimming with the whales -- eek!]
:: my lesi (papaya) tree is giving me awesome papaya! (i know i told you it smells like baby poop, but if you get it to be the perfect momoho (ripeness) then it's pretty 'ifo (delicious).
:: even in the South Pacific i still have an obsession with pumpkin spice and have recently been putting cinnamon/pumpkin spice in my coffee. feels like fall... even if the mercury is rising.
:: sometimes I sit outside under the mango tree and watch bats.  did this last night during a full moon. it was really neat-o.
:: i've recently been obsessed with snail mail... some of you may want to check your mail boxes in 3, 4, maybe 7 weeks time...
:: great big sea is still one of my favorite bands - there is something really funny about listening to an east-coast canadian irish band when you live on a tiny island in the south pacific.
:: my favorite moments of the day are when i get to play with my students outside of class... even though i do like teaching.
:: i got approved for my trip to new zealand in december! yay for getting to see friends and family! :-)
:: i'm officially half way done with peace corps. 50%?! areyoukiddingme?! no. no, i'm not.

happy wednesday/thursday!

and here's a quote i like (just cuz):

Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves. 
-  Carol Pearson

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  1. I came across your letter the other day while cleaning. It was in the pile of "need to do more things with" (i.e., sending snail mail back to people, Little Man's artwork, and paperwork for taxes) made me smile :)