Sunday, September 8, 2013

1 year in photos.

At the end of February I wrote a post celebrating 6 months in Peace Corps. I included a picture from every month of my service so far. It was a great way to look back and smile at some of the truly unique things this experience has afforded me so far, so I want to continue with the idea.

At this point I have taken so many pictures that the hard drive on my computer is nearly full and so are two external hard drives. I've started sifting through pictures and choosing my favorites (it's so hard!) in hopes that when I finish with my service I can make a book to remember my time here. I'm trying to only keep 50 photos per month (which in the end will equate to approximately 1,250 photos) and it's been really hard to narrow down because so many wonderful, crazy, exciting, juicy, and unique things happen here. 

Here are some highlights from the past 6 months:
March 2013: Sports Day. All 60 littles, my fellow teachers and myself went into town to compete in Vava'u's Sport's Day. We had a blast even if the temperature was soaring and I was sunburnt by 9am. My students aren't the most athletic bunch, but what they lacked in speed they made up for in attitude! They were cheering every school on and smiling as they sprinted barefoot around the grass track.
April 2013: IST Training in Tongatapu. Peace Corps Tonga Group 77 all came together for a week of training and fun. We shared what's working, funny stories from the field and put our heads together to try and improve our service as we look towards the future.
May 2013: Pizza Party! My students finished a unit where they learned about following directions (which included recipes). We celebrated by throwing a pizza party which was a first for many of them. They sure do love palangi food!
June 2013: Adventure to America! I adventured to the States to watch my little sister marry the love of her life. The trip was a blur, but I got to see my family, some of my dearest friends, relax and enjoy some time in the Northern Hemisphere.
July 2013: Penny! I adopted the cutest kitten on the planet. Penelope (Penny, for short) was house trained within 48 hours of her coming to live with me and loved hanging out with my students while we learn English together. Alas it was short-lived, as a dog killed Penny at the beginning of August.
August 2013: Service Project. I worked with Baha'i Youth in Vava'u to do a road clean up (and some other small projects). It was a full-day of work, laughs and good food!

Here's to the next 6 months and let them be the best ones yet!

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