Monday, September 30, 2013

My Happiness Project: September/October

So another month in Peace Corps has come and gone and with it another month of the Happiness Project. Man. Learning to love yourself and be happy is such a ride. Some days you feel like you are at the top of a beautiful look out and just loving everything and other times you feel like you're out of control and not sure where you're going... trusting that your path will lead to something.

Here are the themes I've determined for my Happiness Project for the next year:

August: Vitality.
September: Love.
October: Work.
November: Lighten Up.
December: Play.
January: Friendship.
February: Self Love.
March: Money Matters.
April: Contemplate the Heavens.
May: Grow.
June: Attitude.
July: Happiness.

Here's a review of September
My resolutions:
Exercise better: I have continued my yoga practice and training for a multi-sport race that is on October 5th in the "big city" on my island. Aside from a couple bouts of sickness, I kept true to this one.
Proofs of Love: I found myself looking for ways to tell others that I appreciate them - whether through compliments, baked goods, facebook messages, etc. it felt good to let others know how much I appreciate them.
Quit complaining: This was the hardest. I used to think I was just sharing statements of fact when I'd say things like "It's so hot" or "That's so expensive!" but I'm not really adding anything positive to the world when I talk like that so I'm starting to catch myself and stop it, but it's way harder than I thought!
Thank people: This one was fun! I went about my day and sometimes thanked people for the littlest things (and occasionally people would question why I was thanking them for such a small thing), but showing gratitude is important and something that I think I need more of in my life.

So what's up in October?
Theme: Aim Higher (Work)

Enjoy NOW. I have always been somebody who looks towards the future or dwells on the past. I don't ever seem to be content with where I am. Sad, right? But I don't think I'm alone in this. Comments like: "I will be happy when I lose 20 lbs." "I can't wait to get married." "After Peace Corps I will..." but all they do is take you away from here. And HERE and NOW is all you have. You aren't promised the next minute, next hour, next day. Here is where I need to be. I'm finding that through meditation, yoga, and reading so many self-help books that I could open up my own library, I'm getting there. I find myself enjoying the small things, not worrying about what will be (because I know it's going to be awesome and I'm creating my own path). I've let go of the past and what remains are lessons and memories that I will take with me.
Learn more about yoga. I want to learn a new pose each week and learn more about the other 7 limbs of yoga besides asana (poses). Yoga is exciting and so addicting.
Enjoy the fun of failure. I want to let go of fears I still have when working through Peace Corps. I am finding the more I "put myself out there" the more rewarding this experience is. And this hasn't been easy. There are times though that my projects, ideas, meetings don't go as hoped but I can find joy in that too!
Do only one thing at a time. This will be the hardest resolution by far. I am a multi-tasker. I constantly have 3 or 4 things going on at once, but I want to see what will happen when I concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Will I be more focused? Will I notice things that I may have missed by working on too many projects? Will I do more fulfilling work? Who knows!

Happy October, friends!
Thanks for letting me share about this. It helps me feel accountable.


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