Monday, February 18, 2013

the flu.

Not every day is peachy in Peace Corps.
And the last five have been less-than-stellar.
They have been brutal.
On Thursday night I got cold.

Cold?! That's awesome Mandy! It's what you've been waiting for! No. No it wasn't. Because it was still a bajillion degrees out and the humidity was still cranked all the way up.

Then I started aching, and then I vom... well you get the idea.

I got the flu.

Probably the worse case I've ever had.

(Except for that one time in third grade when I missed a whole unit on hieroglyphics because I got sick in the middle of the hallway. It was goolash day in the cafeteria. Bummer.)

But I'm a silver-lining type of girl, so here are three things that I learned about getting the flu in the South Pacific:

1. You don't really need a thermometer. When you start sweating again chances are you don't have a fever anymore.

2. Take as many sick days as you need. Someone here told me that "you can't work if you're dead" so that's pretty much been the motto I've adopted. I didn't abuse this because I missed my students too much, but I also didn't feel as bad as when I missed school when I lived in the USA.

3. The answer to everything here seems to be food. When I told my teachers that I had the stomach flu they responded by bringing over feast food (roast chicken, hopa, bananas). I'll get right on that, guys. After I finish my breakfast crackers (the closest things to saltines here) and keep them from coming up.

So after nearly a week under the weather, I'm back. So glad to be back. I sure won't forget my Vitamin D anymore.

**there is no picture with this post because well ... yuck.

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  1. Oh boo :( You got the icky stomach flu, too! Little Man got it, then I got it, then Husband got it...I think we're finally rid of it. It was not fun. I was down for a day and a half (Husband had to take a day off of work because I couldn't watch Little Man). Husband was down for about three days. Little Man was sick for about five or six days. He had a cold on top of it, though.

    Moving this weekend :( Ahhhhhhhh!