Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home Tour

Here are some other images of my tiny little fale (home).


I have some great friends - my friend Kate sends me photographs with inspirational words all the way from Canada. They are so much fun to look at while I eat my breakfast. Also, the colorful chain represents my time in the Peace Corps. I made it the week after I moved in. Each link represents a week completed and there is a special message or task to do for the following week (examples: write down 20 reasons you love Tonga, have a community member over for dinner, learn 10 new words, find a new cave, etc.).


Dry erase messages on my mirror give good advice in the morning.


My inspiration wall. It's growing! Thanks to you guys!


Part of my little library. (Side note: American Taboo is about Peace Corps Tonga)


Pots and pans and kitchen things.

I like it here.

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