Sunday, February 3, 2013

National Geographic: Tonga Edition

I still have a dream of being a National Geographic Photographer. How sweet would that be? Just being in nature and taking pictures of things that are beautiful and totally rad. Monkeys, elephants, ... cool fish like this one (he was my breakfast a few weeks ago):


I imagine that I would wear a super sweet safari hat, too.

And maybe some cargo pants to boot.


That hat would have been helpful today when I unlocked my classroom door and a 9-inch molokau fell from the sky and missed my face by inches. Those dirty little poisonous centipedes. I hate them. The noise they make as they scurry across the kapeti (fake tile rollable flooring) is like nails on a chalkboard. Then when I returned to my house there were two lizards (one looked more like a dinosaur) waiting for me. One of them number two-ed on a picture of my brother (Sorry, Erik). That little stinker.

And now I'm watching the flying fox bats soar in circles over the coconut trees as the sun is setting. The mangy black dog that barely fits himself through a slit in the school's fence is eating my left over vegetables. I hear pigs down the road. On the way to town today I counted 53. Fifty-three pigs. I also passed by a heard of cows. Not sure who they belong too. They were just grazing by the side of the road. I made eye contact with a big brown one with horns. We kept our distance.

Not sure if any of this is National Geographic worthy, but it's my life and I kind of love it.


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