Wednesday, February 6, 2013

29 before 30.


These are some of my best girlfriends ever. Some of us have known each other since we were 6, others met in high school. One of my goals this year is to snail mail each one of them as much as I can. I miss them!  

February 11th is my 29th birthday. Yikes. 29. Where's my cane?

Every year I make a new set of goals for myself and every year I show nobody. I'm looking for some accountability this year and I know my 29th year is going to be one about newness. Becoming a better me, changing some bad habits... you get the idea. I won't show you all 29 goals, but here are some notable ones:

- Learn to speak Tongan as fluently as I possibly can.

- Visit at least 6 of the outer islands of Vava'u.

- Learn lots more about the Tongan culture.

- Dance another ta'olunga.

- Help the teacher's at my school to develop a plan to teach English that while be sustainable after I leave.

- Read at least 10 books.

- Write at least 4 pieces of snail mail per month.

- Begin and maintain a consistent yoga practice (at least 3x/week).

- Go on a trip with my parents (New Zealand?).

- Concentrate on cultivating healthier habits.

Do you set goals for yourself every year? What are they?  


This is Zach and Jake and I just think this is a fun picture. Maybe I'll snail mail them too!

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  1. Most of my goals are for knitting and that's boring. You can find that on my blog.

    Otherwise, I think I need to re-read all of Harry Potter (or listen to them as my books are in storage but I have the audiobooks on my laptop). Oh, and finish reading A Casual Vacancy. And maybe make some orange stuff...we have an orange tree in the back yard of our new house :)