Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Never Thought...


...I would ever experience a tsunami warning. Don't worry. We're all good here, people. There was an 8.0 earthquake near Vanuatu on Wednesday.When this happens I have to stay at my house and be prepared to run to higher ground (I already live at pretty high ground, but just in case there is a hill behind my house that I would have to climb quickly).

I would ever watch a rat fall from the ceiling. I was sitting drinking tea with my neighbor and as I finished the sentence "Malia, I think I have rats" there was a scuffle and one fell from the ceiling. This happened while I was sipping my first taste of some tea and I jumped, causing scalding hot water to fly into my face leaving a nice red mark on my upper lip. Malia, who is 19 and a totally fun Tongan girl, grabbed the broom and tried to find the rat. She did not find it and I barely slept that night.

...I would ever successfully read a book to a classroom of 6-year-olds who only spoke Tongan. My principal, who is also the Class 1 and 2 teacher, was late to school today so I walked into her classroom and asked that the students sit on the floor in front of me and read them a story (in Tongan). They were excited and helped me fumble through the book pointing at the pictures and describing them in short Tongan phrases so that Ms. Mandy would remember.

...I would love to hear the sound of my name said over and over and over again while i walk down the street. My village is awesome. Today after school I walked to the store to buy some milk and no less than 20 students came out running behind me. It was like in impromptu parade. I loved every second. Kids just make the world a happier place.

What is something that you never thought you would do or experience, but had happen?

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  1. I drove over the Bay Bridge and through San Francisco and down to the San Mateo Bridge and back over to the other side...I never thought I'd drive through big city traffic. There are more people in the SF Bay Area than there are in all of Wisconsin. It's a little freaky.