Wednesday, February 19, 2014

when technology fails + creativity in teaching

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last october i went to buy a new ink cartridge for our printer. 
"they don't make that printer anymore" i was told.

last november i went to go turn on our school's only computer and nothing happened. 
it was dead.

last december a group of bees decided to take up residence in the copy machine.
the copy machine didn't last two more weeks.

in a matter of three months, the three pieces of technology i relied heavily on to create a dynamic and exciting classroom for my students were erased. [insert power-down robot noise]

i crossed my fingers that things would get worked out before the new school year. but it's tonga and even the locals talk about taimi fakatonga (tongan time) and the quick pace (or TOTAL lack thereof) that everyone on these islands seems to follow. 

we had a pta meeting (yeah, tonga has ptas!) and the plan is to have a konisetti (concert) in march to raise money for a new copy machine. this means that i have to dance. hopefully watching the funny palangi (white person) dance will implore the villagers to contribute a little bit to the copy machine fund. i guess we'll see.

so in the meantime i've been racking my brain on how to provide an engaging english class for these 6-10 year olds. 

we sing a lot more. i'm no dolly parton.

we move a lot more. but sometimes it's really hard in the blazing heat.

we make art. which is just about my most favorite thing ever and reminds me of my days at summer camp.

and the other day i realized that this lack of technology is exactly what i expected when i joined the peace corps. there are peace corps volunteers that don't even have buildings to teach in. they meet under the mango tree and teach with sticks. this is what i had anticipated my service to be like. and if anything i've been rather spoiled the last 17 months, so maybe i should embrace this. maybe i should quit complaining about it and look at it as a blessing. maybe, together, my students and i will navigate this newness together and come out on the other end thinking more outside of the box. 

this is what i'm hoping.

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  1. 100 years ago, there was no technology. So, just go with it :)