Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mosese + 'Ofa

 Today I was reminded of the special bond between brother and sister. Mosese (Moses in English) and ‘Ofa (Love in English) are brother and sister and live next door to me. Their father is the pastor of the Wesleyan church in my village. Their mother could earn awards for her lu and weaving skills.

If I’m not woken up but a rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo, it’s most definitely by these two. I don’t mind. You can tell their bond is special.

Mosese is so protective of his little sister. He’s always got his eye on her and if she cries he is the first to run to her aid, pick her up and hug her. They are about 8 years apart in age, but they’re still best friends.

It’s a common occurrence to see Mosese walking down the dirt road holding ‘Ofa’s hand. He loves to show her new things and sing to her. The singing is my favorite part – the kid is a Polynesian Frank Sinatra. He makes his voice all low and croons at ‘Ofa until she belly laughs.
 I love that they are my neighbors. I love that Mosese gets so excited to learn English with me and that ‘Ofa went from running away whenever she saw me to yelling “Tee!” (I believe it’s short for Manatee but I can’t be sure). These two are so special.  Sometimes I feel like I’m Wilson from Home Improvement because so much of our relationship has developed over a fence (Please tell me you understood that reference… no? Home Improvement is only like the third best TV show of all time.) But it doesn’t matter how we got to know each other. They’re just the best.

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