Thursday, February 13, 2014

[virtual] coffee date

hey, friend. how was your week? it's already friday here and i'm sitting at a cafe drinking a long black and just thinking. i hope yours was full of wonder, excitement, great weather and some good conversation. if you were sitting in the green patio chair across from me, here are some things that i would tell you after we wiped our faces with our sweat rags and took a few sips of coffee.
 i adore the friends i've made the last year and a half and was reminded just how special they are this last week. they made my 30th birthday so much fun. and i am so grateful for all the people in my life. even the ones that make me frustrated because that means that i'm learning something. 
every time i am gifted a tongan necklace (made from flowers, leaves, etc.) it ends up on my head. i think they look better there. plus i'm not as itchy. i have sensitive skin. 
even though they aren't always focused and forget the abcs more than i think that they should, their enthusiasm is contagious. i love being around them. and it makes me sad that even in the south pacific children are demanded to begin spending long hours studying for standardized tests that will determine their future when they are 9 and 10. sometimes school is a struggle because we spend time so focused on this one test and when i joined the peace corps i was excited to get away from it for a bit but on some days it seems even more intense here than it does in america. i just hope this intensity doesn't put a damper on their love of learning. 

what about you? what's new? are you staying warm? or are you like me and feel like you're melting away? 

also, i think you should check this out. i don't know this girl but she's got a great list of life lessons ... i agree with her 100%. 

happy friday.

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