Monday, August 20, 2012

"Pack light" they say.

The packing has commenced.

If you were to compare me to my fellow PCVs I'm sure I am in last place in terms of packing (silly, camp), but I'm getting there. A ginormous trip to Target and REI and I'm making progress. Slowly. But not too slowly, I mean I depart in 11 days. (11 DAYS. I'm not counting or anything. Derp.)

So what do you pack when you know you are moving away for 2 years?

The Peace Corps says to "pack light", but it's turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Especially when I have been feeling like I only really understand 2% of what it is that I am preparing for. 

Here's a picture of my packing list (please ignore the handwriting and the scribbles).

So what am I really nervous about (in terms of packing)? Mostly... it's the clothing.

If you have met me in real life you know that: I don't exactly dress up. It's a good thing then, that I am moving to a country and into a culture that expects women to wear dresses and skirts and "dress professionally" every day. Every day. (Fist pump).
This is my backpack ... which is empty now, but soon will be filled everything I'll need for the next 27 mos.
That's okay, though. This experience is meant to push me to do things that I wouldn't normally do. And dressing up happens to be one of them. I mean I don't hate wearing skirts and dresses, I just choose not to. Don't get me wrong ... I'm not complaining and I'm not against wearing skirts. I'll do it. And maybe even enjoy myself.

I have been in search of skirts and dresses that are going to keep me cool (the weather averages 75 degrees F year round), keep my shoulders covered, and aren't extremely uncomfortable. I've been pretty successful so far (Special thanks to St. Vincent DePaul for being a good source of rad skirts and dresses and for not breaking the bank!).

Pretty fabrics.
Side note: It's extremely hard to pack with Ms. Abby hanging around. 

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