Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mālō e lelei! Hello!

One of the things I am most excited about when I think about my Peace Corps experience is learning a new language. It's going to be tough. The last time I learned a new language I was 18 and it was Spanish and I was in high school. It didn't matter if I couldn't conjugate a verb correctly or whether or not I could roll my l's. There is a little bit more pressure this time - I have to learn this language in order to live and work in my new home. Maybe this pressure will help with learning it quicker? Who knows. 

The Peace Corps provides its volunteers with language lessons before departure. There are nine Tongan ones and I haven't been able to access them recently (Peace Corps was doing some website updates) so I have been looking elsewhere to learn basic Tongan. I practiced as much as I could at camp. Here's some of what I have down so far.

1 - taha
2 - ua
3 - tolu
4 - fā
5 - nima
6 - ono
7 - fitu
8 - valu
9 - hiva
10 - hongofulu

Other Phrases:
Hello: Mālō e lelei!
How are you?: Fēfē hake?
What is your name?: Ko hai ho hingoa?
Thank You: Malo
No: 'Ikai
Yes: 'Io

Here's to learning more!

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