Friday, March 22, 2013

World Water Day


Friday, March 22, 2013 was World Water Day.

Five schools, along with VEPA (Vava'u Environmental Protection Association) celebrated in Neiafu.

My students were so excited for this! They spent all week creating pictures, writing poetry and composing/learning a song that would be sung at a special presentation on Friday morning.

We met in "downtown" Neiafu to parade around town. Here are some snapshots of the day. There was a competition and we ended up winning "best poem", but my favorite part of the parade was creating a costume of a sea animal out of recycled materials.


A little boy named Mateaki wore the jellyfish we created. He would stop every few feet and dance and the people watching the parade loved it! The kid has moves.


It was another hot one in Tonga, so Fane decided to hide under the shade of one of the signs.



This little girl wasn't angry, just nervous. She was the one that read our poem.

What a great way to spend a Friday morning and even better? I think my students really understand what an impact they can make on the environment by doing simple things (like picking up rubbish!) to help our world.

Did you celebrate World Water Day? If not, sai pe ia (it's all good) because Earth Day is next month - April 22nd!

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