Wednesday, March 13, 2013

fun in bird baths.

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I have a secret to tell you: I may have looked a wee bit like Chris Farley as a child.

C'mon. You see the resemblance, right?

This picture was taken with my Grandma P.... circa 1985. We were playing in the bird bath together ... totally pau'u (naughty) but so much fun.

I was thinking about bird baths the other day. And looking for fun in the little things - the things we pass by without giving a second glance to. Kids are so good at finding fun in the mundane - turning brooms into swords, hanging from bread fruit trees, shimmying up the flag pole (that's a normal occurrence here). There is so much fun to be had if you look for fun in the every day things. And I'm finding out that here in Tonga, people slow down enough that the every day stuff does become fun. This pace gives them time to notice fun in the little things. Sean referenced the way Tongans think about time best in this post. Here are some places where I found fun this week:

1. Conversations with new friends.

2. Walking to the falekoloa (store).

3. Practicing the ABCs with 7-year-olds.

4. Watching a Mama chicken and her babies eat pata (mini bananas that fell from the bunch hanging from my front door).

4. Practicing for Sport Day with the entire school. There is nothing like running barefoot in a skirt.

What about you? Where do you look for fun? Where does fun find you?

Oh yes, and just in case you didn't believe when I said I looked like Chris Farley as a child, here is a point of comparison.


Told you so.

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